About Bulwark Marine Coatings

At present, we have extended our business to most ASEAN regions including, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

About Bulwark™

Bulwark Marine Coatings (Bulwark™) is a young and innovative brand which specializes in protective coatings for the marine and off-shore industry. Bulwark’s marine coatings solutions are designed to withstand drastic sea conditions especially ship hull protection problems. Our Bulwark’s Marine Coatings are also environmentally friendly products that comprise water-resistance, and mold- resistance, and corrosion-resistance properties. Bulwark™ Marine Coatings & Solutions are extremely cost-effective investments that offer excellent performance and economical value to the marine industries and ship owners.

Innovation is at the core of Bulwark™ vision. Our goal is to develop high-performing and reliable products and technologies to service our customers. We work in close collaborations with our customers and industry partners to provide tailored engineering systems. We also invest significantly in research and products innovation to develope efficient engineering tools that assist in the application of our products.

Product Information

Consistently delivering products of the highest standard requires an investment in time, training, systems, processes and people. Bulwark™ quality management system involves standard laboratory testing to ensure our products comply with industry performance standards. All of the quality checks, lab test and product evaluations are performed to ensure our products meet the needs of our customers. At such Bulwark™ has developed an amazing product, the Bulwark Marine Coatings (BMC™), for effective used in the Marine Industry.

Before applying BMC™

After 2 Coats of BMC™

Quality & Support

High quality standard is Bulwark first priority and in fact we are in constant pursuit of improvement in quality and that is the most distinguish reason that Marquee™ is established and has gain great consumer trust. Ultimate quality philosophy aims at scrupulous selection of raw materials used in the formulation of our products. Modern automated production equipment and strictest quality control system guarantees the high quality of our products and assures our consumer of consistent manufacturing standard. With an absolute focus on safety, we are committed to developing new technologies, technical expertise and supplying products that achieve the highest level of engineering integrity in the most adverse environment. Bulwark™ always makes sure our product works and never compromise in quality. Bulwark™ also recognises the value of customer satisfaction both prior and post job application. Therefore prior to application, we also established Bulwark™ team of coating consultant with high level of expertise and experience to ensure precise and quality technical advice is given to our customers, assisting the customer to identify the actual problems faced, and choosing the right application to solve their problems efficiently. Our team of experienced applicators will provide fast and accurately service to execute the job as planned and our supervisor will be allocated to each job site to inspect the quality of application after the job is done and reviews customer feedback for future improvements. Marquee™ is definitely your choice, your right choice.


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